retroX Digital Backbone for Existing Turbines

(Mynewsdesk) With retroX, fos4X offers a stand-alone retrofit solution for digitizing and improving the efficiency of existing turbines and supports operators for potential extended operation after the expiration of the EEG subsidy. retroX will be available for different turbine types (multi brand) from Q2 2019.

Transparency and Recommended Actions on Performance and ConditionretroX is a manufacturer-independent, stand-alone solution that works without direct integration into the turbine control system. Individual turbines, as well as entire wind farms, can be digitally integrated into a cloud-based IIoT environment. In addition to providing turbine data in the fos4X cloud platform, integration into existing management software is also possible.

„By transferring dynamic turbine data into our IIoT cloud and directly providing data, we provide transparency for our customers across all plants regarding the current performance and condition of their turbines.”

Dr. Lars Hoffmann, founder and CEO of fos4X GmbH.

Yield Optimization and OPEX Reduction – Fast Return on InvestmentBy using the standardized fos4Blade sensor platform, the initial investment for retroX is extremely low. Additional modular, digital optimization packages form a flexible and holistic solution. For the first time, an economically sensible retrofitting of existing turbines in their second decade of design-life is made possible.

Higher availability and more efficient operation of the turbine through retroX lead to a very fast amortization of the investment. At the same time, the real-time availability of operating and status data enables optimized maintenance and a reduction in operating costs.

Load Data Support Decision on Continued OperationretroX prepares operators of wind turbines optimally for the upcoming assessment of the extended service life of wind turbines. Through the long-term recording of load data and its extrapolation, a plant-specific load history is created over the entire operating life. Previous conservative load assumptions for the calculation of the remaining service life are supplemented by qualified and reliable data.


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Über fos4X GmbH
Die 2010 in München gegründete fos4X GmbH ist Spezialist für innovative, faseroptische Messtechnik und Sensorik - vorrangig in Rotorblättern von Windenergieanlagen - und entwickelt intelligente Lösungen für die Blattlastmessung, Eiserkennung, Zustandsüberwachung und zur Betriebsoptimierung.
Der Geschäftsschwerpunkt liegt im Bereich Optimierung von Windenergieanlagen und Windparks mit Hilfe faseroptischer Sensorik. Das Ziel ist es, sowohl die Verfügbarkeit von Energie aus der Windkraft wie auch den Anteil erneuerbarer Energie zu erhöhen.

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