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Most enjoyable wellness hotels Italy


It is well known, that Belvita has one of the best wellnesshotels in Italy. Our hotel is the perfect choice for an unforgettable vacation. If you are still looking for a gift for your loved-one, you can also surprise him or her with one of our spa vouchers. It is the perfect gift for your soulmate. As a romantic retreat it is our task to bring you and your soulmate closer together than ever before. Inviting your soulmate to one of our hotels is the best way to refresh old romantic memories or create new ones.


The high-quality wellnesshotel


If you are looking for a high-quality wellnesshotel, Belvita can show you their best choice of hotels in Italy. You can expect a large wellness offer and luxurious suits.

Modern sauna facilities and huge pool areas will help you to refresh your mind and body after an exhausting everyday life. All of our spa-offers only include high-quality products from the region, it will help to enjoy our hay baths and herb saunas even more.


Your holidays in South Tyrol


How about taking some time of in one of the best hotels in Italy.  Belvita stands for the best wellness and spa experience in the area and will always keep it that way. All of our offers are performed by professional trained staff using high quality-products. While relaxing, you can enjoy the beautiful view of South Tyrol. Booking the hotel of your dreams is only one simple request away.


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