Beege Barkette live in Berlin – Portrait of an American Patriot – One-Woman Show

Based on a true story, developed at the legendary Actors Studio in America, performed at the Greenway court theater in Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills playhouse in Beverly Hills California. Written and performed by Beege Barkette. 

This solo play tells the story of Mary, a conservative Southern woman whose life is lived just outside of Fort Rucker Alabama, in the tumultuous 70s. Her fierce loyalty to her country and her values leads her down an unexpected path and teaches her a hard lesson. Honesty and truth can some times triumph over personal passions. This play gives us a glimpse into a time and place, which is uncannily relevant to today.

After living through the depression and World War II she is determined to support her country. When she is forced to look Vietnam square in the eye she has to come to grips with the facts. Her choice is to remain the same or grow.

“Bold, gripping and original“ – David Selznick

Freitag 23.08.2019
Beege Barkette (USA)
Portrait of an American Patriot
One-Woman Show (auf Englisch)
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
VVK 5 € / AK 8 €

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