VERBI Software releases MAXQDA 2020 with over 70 new features and improvements

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Overview of innovations and improvements in MAXQDA 2020:

  • Memo Manager: A new memo workspace to search, filter & create memos
  • MAXMaps 3.0: Six new models & increased interactivity for our popular mind mapping tool
  • Data Archiving: Archive your data with a new single-click function. A clear and simple to understand folder and file structure is then generated that contains all your collected data – optionally also as a compressed ZIP file
  • Redesigned Retrieved Segments Window: New display options add more information to the data display
  • Literature Reviews made easier: You can now import full articles along with your bibliographical data
  • Import Transcripts from New Sources: Transcript sources include AmberScript, TEMI, Trint, f4, f5transkript, Transana,, and more
  • New Code System Features: One-click subcode, drag & drop merge, code frequency settings and more to save time when building and refining your codes
  • Line and Paragraph Numbering in Texts: Switch back and forth between line or paragraph numbering and quote your sources the way you want
  • Open Coding Mode: Perfect for researchers using the grounded theory approach
  • Interactive Summary Explorer: Compare all of the summaries associated with a code and quickly jump back to the original source
  • Document Map: New visual tool – cluster cases to analyze differences and similarities
  • New Paraphrase Features: New Paraphrase Matrix, you can now also paraphrase images and print paraphrases

Further information about all the new features and improvements in MAXQDA 2020 can be found here:

To accompany the release, VERBI Software is also publishing new free teaching and learning materials, such as video tutorials, webinars, and the MAXQDA 2020 Online Manual.


MAXQDA is a world-leading software package for qualitative and mixed methods research. Analyze all kinds of data – from texts to images and audio/video files, websites, tweets, focus group discussions, survey responses, and much more. Developed by and for researchers, MAXQDA is at once powerful and easy-to-use, innovative and user-friendly, as well as the only leading QDA software that is 100% identical on Windows and Mac.

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VERBI Software - Consult - Sozialforschung GmbH entwickelt und vertreibt seit 1989 die international eingesetzte Software MAXQDA (Windows / Mac) zur qualitativen und Mixed Methods-Datenanalyse. Von der Datenerhebung bis zur Ergebnispräsentation unterstützt MAXQDA die Analyse und Auswertung unstrukturierter Daten wie Interviews, Fachartikel, Fokusgruppen, Audio und Video, Bilder, Twitternachrichten, Umfragen und vieles mehr.