TCI, The 1st Company In Taiwan For The Finishing Of The Delivery Of Renewable Energy in 2020

TCI Co., Ltd. was one of the leading companies that were honored and invited to attend the Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Market Summit held in 2019. The Chief Sustainability Officer, Remi Lee defined the importance of this term and what will be its key roles in driving the future. TCI will become a pioneer company that will have executed the delivery of renewable energy sources in the year 2020 and the entire company is working towards this great noble step.

Also, the chief of TCI signed MOUs regarding the further power purchase agreement with Sinogreenergy company’s head, Mr. Watt. This new revolutionary contract between the two industry leaders has set a benchmark in Taiwan and among this industry. Abiding by the amendment of the Renewable Energy Development Act, the company has overcome numerous challenges to become a pioneer organization that has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a sustainable and renewable power generation set up in the year 2020.

Being a buyer, Remi Lee also talked about the challenges that they face in the market because of the renewable energy resources and generators costing proposals. The company is aspiring to reduce the barrier to entry in this market and come up as a leader in the production of natural energy sources.

TCI chief expressed that the company’s future goal is environmental protection. The company will strive to face global challenges including species extinction, global warming, shortage of resources, and more. TCI has set an example of achieving increased revenue from consecutive 21 quarters with more importantly zero carbon emission.

The goal of TCI is to achieve sourcing 100% renewable energy by using three important strategies that include: Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), self-supply, and Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). TCi is a leading bioscience company that focuses on creating a healthy balance between doing profitable business and giving back to nature.

TCI is the first leading company that is listed in the RE 100 members who strive to cut the carbon emission by optimizing the entire working methodology. TCI will source 100% renewable energy for the entire global operations by the year 2030 which will be a unique and important benchmark for the company. Also, we are a leading bioscience company listed in EP100 members for reducing the climatic changes and leveraging the energy resources with responsibility and efficiency. TCI is proud to join companies like Facebook, Google, and IKEA that are focusing on saving the planet.

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TCI CO., LTD was founded in 1980, and now has over 1100 employees worldwide. TCI is a leading biotech company in Taiwan, adopting the concept of Integrated Bioscience Design (IBD) to serve our clients. We manufacture high-performance products, such as nutrient foods (i.e., functional drinks, jellies, powders, tablets, and capsules) and skin care products (i.e., bio-cellulose facial masks and essence concentrates).

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