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All kitchen items have their own space, but the tap space is worth more. The kitchen is the main place in every home. When a kitchen is equipped with the necessary tools and accessories, it is the best choice. Water supply is of paramount importance in any location, be it at home or in a commercial setting. The kitchen faucet is part of the kitchen accessories, which makes all the work easier than before. Modern accessories with high quality material are the needs of every user nowadays. Some users like to use plastic faucets, while some users like to use plastic faucets.

Items that we offer

There are some of the best selling and most sophisticated products available from us right now. Take a look at the articles and their brief description:

Bathroom accessories

Quality as a kitchen or bathroom accessory. Either installing a bathroom shower or installing a wash basin, everything must be done professionally. Without a doubt, the bathroom fittings need to be of high quality as they are used regularly.

Kitchen faucet / taps

There are two main types of faucets that we sell. We offer foldable faucets with side spray and two handles, pull-down faucets and retro bridge faucets. It is a commonly used kitchen utensil used for preparing lunch, washing dishes or cleaning. We offer stylish, innovative and fully functional kitchen fittings in premium quality. Various quality faucets with two handles, foldable and other features are in stock.

Bathroom fittings

When we talk about bathroom faucets there is a lot that goes from installation to faucets to stocks. Toilet, shower, sink, shelves and soap dispensers are available from us. There is no need to use the installation services as a simple installation manual and other accessories. Modern assembly tools and equipment will give your bathroom a nicer look. Choosing and purchasing the accessories you need is not all that easy in this wide variety of products, but it does not require much hard work. One has to adhere to the user’s specifications and choose to install and fix a mirror, sink, towel rail and freestanding furniture in the bathroom.

Shower column set

The shower column set is another popular product made of high quality material. We have three different sets of shower columns. The first is a thermostatic shower, which costs around one hundred and seventy euros, while the price of the full thermostatic shower system is also the same. To make the bathroom more stylish, it is necessary to have some accessories that will not only affect the appearance, but also make the bathtub comfortable. For this shower, the column seems to be the best choice ever.

Faucet accessories

There is a definite need for faucet accessories for perfect assembly and fastening. The necessary accessories that we offer our customers include replacement hoses, copper-made nuts, sealing rings for kitchen and bathroom tops, stainless steel pipe threads and control valve and much more. These accessories are not that expensive. They cost you little less than ten euros. Replacement spray, PVC hand hose of the faucet tank and many other accessories make for a refined and professional job.


After going through all of the above descriptions, we discovered that there was a need for kitchen and bathroom accessories and faucets in every location. Either it is your home kitchen or your office, there is a definite need for high quality faucet. The faucet kitchen, which is part of the kitchen accessories, plays an important role in cooking and washing dishes. We offer various very popular items at an affordable price.

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