Spirit of Gold Coast informs about Australia Whale Stranding Today

Whale watching is one of the most favorite things for tourists to enjoy. Spirit of Gold Coast offers excellent service for the tourist visiting Australia and planning for whale watching. They keep posting various tourist beneficial packages for whale watching.
Despite posting all such things, they recently posted sad news. It is thought that up to 130 whales are extinct, about 15 reportedly only living in the shallow water and swimming nearby. Australia Whale Stranding Today The event prompted an enormous rescue operation, and a shark alarm took place in the area, and lifeguards warned the locals against staying out of the water.
At 6 a.m., a local fisherman spotted the tender mammals, and they had washed at the beach roughly 1 kilometer north of the boat ramp 10 km north of Augusta.
Coincidence with Uncanny Whale Pilot
This is the first time Hamelin Bay has seen a mass pilot whale stranding. In 2009, the same day as the 23rd of March, over 80 pilot whales and dolphins were stranded. This indeed is an uncanny and terrible coincidence! All our lovely pilot mammal mates and the great hero who’ve worked unrelentingly to save as many whale live as possible, all our hearts go out and learn.
Update to the SPIRIT NEWS 24/03/2018:
This is the latest news on the Stranded Pilot Whale Tragedy: it is painfully clear that more than 145 whales died sadly, with only five whales remaining on this Saturday morning.
Indeed the incident was so sad and it affected Spirit of Gold Coast. So, they posted the same on their website so that people can know about it and take care of whales and enjoy whale watching with safety. They have many packages for whale watching and they make sure to offer the best journey to their guest. To know more about the company and their service visit them online.
About the Company—–
Spirit in Gold Coast offers whale watching services. They offer whale guarantee, photographer on board, viewing decks, the best crew, and the utmost satisfaction to the visitor.

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