10 tips that’ll help car owners swiftly deal with car breakdown emergency

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Car owners consider car breakdown emergency as the worst possible nightmare to them. Most of them sweat rigorously even on a mere thought of such a situation. We bring to you a tried-and tested list of tips that’ll help you come out of the Van recovery London ordeal easily.
1. Shift your vehicle from the roadway- If you encounter a problem while driving the car then turn the car to the road side and try to keep it out of the usual traffic flow, this way you won’t make trouble to others. Pay utmost attention while stepping out of the vehicle, preferably move from the car’s exit side that’s away from the usual traffic.
2. Make sure that your car is visible- After bringing your car to the roadside try to indicate that this has been done due a car breakdown emergency by using the car’s emergency flashers. Road flares, reflective triangles, and a number of orange cones arranged around the car can be used for alerting other drivers of your location and situation. You can also raise the car hood and suspend a white cloth out of the window or tie the same to a side view mirror as this’ll also alert the drivers to safely proceed around you.
3.Call for help- The next step should be to call the police or roadside assistance services for alerting them about your predicament.
4. Assess the situation’s gravity- If you are well versed of tackling the situation yourself (for example, if your car is short of petrol and you have a fuel station nearby) then go ahead with it
5. If the car has a flat tyre then don’t try to change it- Unless you know the entire procedure you must not change the flat tyre yourself. Also, if the flat tyre is on the side that’s away from traffic then you can surely address the situation if you know the procedure. However, if you give safety its due importance over scheduling then you must wait for a tow for changing the tyres.
6. Have some basic idea about car repair- if car owners can themselves identify the ailment, know the resolution procedure, then they can surely go ahead.
7. Be careful while taking help from strangers- While there are a huge number of good-hearted people who solely want to help you but a fair share of jerks are also in abundance who’ll try to take advantage of the other person.
8. Stay in close proximity of your vehicle- If you’ve contacted the car breakdown emergency services then you have to be around the vehicle when the tow truck arrives.
9. Have an eye on the uniformed police officials- Most of the major highways and roads are regularly patrolled. You’ll surely want to get hep from honest people and the best people in this lot are the police officials.
10. Most importantly use common sense- No two breakdown incidents are the same- be it the time of day, location or any other type of factors. If you’re familiar with the location and know the locations that might rescue you then you must go ahead.
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