Driving Website Traffic With Blog Comments

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Imagine that you are doing a presentation. You worked really hard on it and things seem to be going well. The audience is engaged and asking questions. However, at the end of the presentation, everyone walks out without saying so much as a ‘Thank you’ or ‘Well done’ and you are left wondering where you went wrong.

All across the internet, bloggers struggle with this very thing on their websites. They put out pages upon pages of useful information but hardly receive any feedback from their readers. When I first began blogging, I ran into the very same thing. I could see people visiting but I wasn’t getting any comments.

Comments are a very important part of the equation when it comes to blogging. I enjoy receiving them but I also enjoy leaving them on the sites of my fellow bloggers. To me, comments are a way of thanking the author of the post for taking the time to share useful information about the topic at hand. In addition to that, commenting on blogs is a great way to increase web site traffic.

When you leave a thoughtful comment on someone’s blog, several positive things happen. First, you make the blog owner very happy. Second, they will be curious about you and will generally visit to your site and leave a comment on your posts. Readers of their blogs will be curious about you and visit your site as well. If they like what you have written, then you will have gained new readers.

In addition to increasing your website traffic and expanding your readership, blog comments can be a great source of back links to your site. Back links are links from other websites that point to your blog. In addition to being a source of silent advertisement for you, search engines view links as a thumbs up vote for your website.

When used correctly, back links can help you increase your page rank in the search engines. This is important because the closer your site gets to the first two pages of results for the keywords related to your site, the more traffic you will receive from the search engines. The best way to increase your page rank is to increase the number of links point back to your site. There are a lot of ways to do this and leaving comments on blogs is one of them.Blog Comments

Lastly, leaving comments on other people’s blogs will help you build your brand and raise your profile in the industry. When your name continuously pops up on websites frequented by your target audience, you will begin to attract them to you. This is much better than spending energy chasing after them.

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