Globalization on Translation Services

Globalization has brought many countries closer together. As a result, businesses are growing and showing interest in foreign markets in which to expand their services. However, as businesses venture into foreign markets they recognize the need for efficient translation services to explain their products in the native languages of different countries. People are also getting to know more about the different cultures of different countries through the Internet and other technologies. Consequently, translation services are undergoing a huge transformation in order to meet the requirements of businesses.

Globalization and language barriers:
As businesses become increasingly global, they must face the problem of language barriers. While businesses are establishing local roots around the world in line with the phrase ‘Think Global Act Local’, translation services have helped to overcome language barriers and penetrate local markets. The role of translation services has increased, as businesses seek to market their products in other countries and need to explain their products in native languages. Hence, professional translation firms have helped to overcome the obstacle of language barriers.

Importance of translation in globalization:
· Increased competition and globalization have led businesses to explore new international markets for their products/services.
· The role of translation is of vital importance in this context. As businesses increasingly market their products in multilingual environments, businesses recognize the need for efficient, expert translation services in order to succeed in foreign markets.
· Efficient translation describes products, builds trust, and helps businesses to emerge in local markets.
· Translation is a key factor in international business. International companies have a greater chance
of acquiring new projects and business if they communicate with companies in their native languages.
· Translation is an aid in explaining a specific product/service to the native people of a country.
· Unlike machine translation, professional, manual translation ensures that the context of the information is translated properly.
Many of the great literary works of a culture or country can be translated into different languages.

Growth of translation due to globalization:
· Translation services have undergone drastic changes as a result of globalization.
· Translation is in demand as organizations expand their horizons. Businesses rely extensively on professional translation firms for effective translation in connection with their products.
· Effective translation also requires professional expertise in native languages.
As cultures and peoples come closer together and businesses go global, translation services are changing to meet the challenges.

An increasing number of businesses are exploring foreign markets to survive the cut-throat competition in this age of globalization. Hence, the need for professional translation services providing effective translation to help establish products in foreign markets is on the increase.

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