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What is the Canada Day? It is a celebration of Canada’s anniversary as a nation. On this day, all Canadian provinces observe a national holiday known as Canada Day. The name of the holiday is derived from the first sentence of the National Constitution of Canada, a document which states that "Independence, freedom, and greatness are the attributes, and the interests of the Canadian people, and their institutions." It also says, "Canadians are a progressive, social, and democratic country." A national statutory holiday, it commemorates the anniversary of Canadian Confederation that happened on July 1, 1867, with the signing of the Treaties of Paris and Ottawa.
On this day, all branches of the Canadian government to make public announcements about how they wish to commemorate the first year of the bicentennial of Canada’s existence.

The prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, makes a statement in the House of Commons declaring, "In order to build a better country, we must work together." Members of both houses of parliament then read out official statements in the House of Commons and the Senate and the Privy Council Office. These official statements also include information about various events that took place within the country and other historical documents. They make mention of various First Nations communities that were affected by the impact of the fur trade and the National Parks that were created by the federal government.

What is the Canadian Government’s Web site? The web site of the Canadian government provides details about various events and activities that take place within the country and among the many international partners that have come into Canada for trading purposes. On this website is a list of events that commemorate the first day that Canada became a nation.

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What is the role of the military in Canada? The Canadian military has two branches – the Army and the Navy. The Army is mainly engaged in assisting international security assistance and training in nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq. It also trains and equips seamen for voyages to international waters and shores. The Navy is mainly used to enforce laws and protect Canadian water and land.

What is the role of the church in Canada? The Catholic Church is allowing to operate in all the provinces and was one of the first sponsors of the charter. Today the Church runs schools, farms, and community organizations.

What is the history of the Canadian Flag? The first flag was created by the English settlers in what is now Nova Scotia in 1769. The design is a depiction of a maple leaf. It is also the country’s seal. Information on flag designs and symbols can be found on the Canadian Flag Authority website.

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