Gordon Tredgold Named One of the Top Business Leadership Professionals for 2020

Leeds, UK. __ National business advisor and world-renowned Fortune 500 consultant Gordon Tredgold have been named to the Global Gurus’ World’s Top 20 Leadership Professionals for 2020 list. Tredgold checks in as the No. 9 most influential. 

This prestigious position is based on votes by companies where Tredgold has made a tremendous impact through unique concepts and his nurturing personality.

Tredgold has held leadership positions for Fortune 100 companies for 25 years, increasing performances at every stop. His success stems from his ability to inspire teams to take action by simplifying things, by building belief and self-confidence, getting them to take the first small steps, which then build into big results, as big successes are just an accumulation of small successes.

Now an author, professional speaker, leadership coach, social media influencer and visiting professor at Staffordshire University, Tredgold has also been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 100 Leadership Experts and Management Experts. His FAST principle — a strategy he developed that combines focus, accountability, simplicity, and transparency – is the basis for his latest book, “FAST 4 Principles Every Business Needs To Achieve Success and Drive Results.”

His social media reach is vast, too, as he has been called the top leadership expert to follow on Twitter by Evan Carmichael and has the one of the most socially shared leadership blogs. CEOWorld Magazine recently ranked Tredgold as the No. 19 overall Top Social Media Marketing Influencer, his leadership blog has been ranked No. 2 among the “Top 15 Must-Read Leadership Blogs,” and he’s a contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post.

Tredgold is also passionate about making a global impact. Some of his other projects include:

Works with 1 Billion Africa as a mentor and is a member of the International Advisory Board, with the main focus on turning the 1 billion problems in Africa into 1 billion projects and opportunities. 

Serves as a mentor and member at the Governing Board of Directors of Uncommon Me International.

But all this wouldn’t be possible without Tredgold’s ability to turn to inspire people to take action. 

Global Guru is a research organization that ranks leaders and companies based on their influence in the market place and votes from people and organizations they have significantly impacted. Global Gurus’ ranks and categories include Top 30 Leadership, Top 30 Management, Top 30 Sales, Top 30 Communication, Top 30 Coaching, and Top 30 Brands, among others.

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